Company History/Founder

Century 21 Action! was founded in October of 1978 by Jim Utterback.  The franchise started small, with only a handful of agents in a rambling office on Redondo Avenue in Long Beach, CA.  When an opportunity to capture the Century 21 Regional Office building on PCH appeared in the year 1985, Century 21 Action! jumped at the chance to grow.  The franchisee quickly grew to 150 agents in the following years and has since exceeded a base of 300 agents at its current location on Temple Avenue.  Century 21 Action! has always been based in Long Beach, CA, has deep ties to the local community, and has created jobs for thousands of people since its founding in 1978.

Century 21 Action! became the #3 Century 21 franchisee in the country for sales production in 2005 and has been in the top 50 franchises world wide ever since.  Century 21 Action! has consistently placed in the top 1% of the 7,000 offices in the Century 21 system (worldwide).

Century 21 Action! has been serving the communities of Long Beach and northern Orange County since 1978 and takes pride in its long standing heritage of helping families and investors achieve their dreams.

Since 1978, many real estate companies have come and gone.  As a client centered business, Century 21 Action!’s customers receive personal, focused service, backed by a reputable company with highly trained and skilled real estate agents.  This is why Century 21 Action! has withstood the test of time, and is still here more than three decades later.


Century 21 Action! was founded by Jim Utterback in 1978.  Jim was 50 years old at the time, and had spent 30 years in corporate sales and sales management.  When Jim approached the real estate industry, he brought a no nonsense management style and unparalleled focus; and what he saw was an industry that was largely ungoverned, and lacking in standards for training and professionalism.

He and his staff began to develop systems for agents to become more successful.  His methods worked so well, that he added a real estate school to expedite the licensing process and to better prepare students for their new careers.  The systems Jim developed worked better and faster than they did be in any other real estate office; and as a result, his office saw explosive growth.  Jim developed many of the value added services that are common to the real estate industry today.  He has been an innovator in his industry.

Jim brought his enthusiasm for sales to the real estate industry and created one of the most dynamic sales teams that had ever been put together in real estate.  That sales team was attracted to his leadership and sales experience, and they in turn radiated the same level of sales professionalism to their clients.

Jim was born to sell.  He raised a family of seven children on the proceeds of his straight-commission earnings from his various corporate sales and real estate endeavors.